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Start-up Animation & Wallpapers For Rhino Mobile Phones

Tim from Tiki Media recently collaborated with Social Mobile to craft an engaging series of wallpapers and a captivating startup animation for their Rhino phones. The objective? To design 9 unique wallpapers, each available in 12 different resolutions, spanning both portrait and landscape orientations.

Embarking on this creative journey, Tim unleashed a spectrum of options ranging from vibrant swirls to meticulously crafted 3D patterns, drawing inspiration from the brand's distinctive logo. After presenting this array of ideas to the client, Tim carefully gathered preferences and feedback, setting the stage for the evolution of 9 fully developed concepts.

Iterating on the selected concepts involved a collaborative process of fine-tuning based on client feedback. Tim's adept use of Blender for the 3D rendered patterns and logo, coupled with Adobe Illustrator for the abstract swirls, resulted in a dynamic fusion of creativity and precision.

Not stopping there, Tim brought his artistic vision to life through a captivating start-up animation for the Rhino phones. Following a similarly methodical approach—capturing requirements, conceptualising ideas, incorporating client feedback, refining drafts, and repeating until perfection—the final animated masterpiece was crafted using Adobe After Effects.

This collaborative effort between Tiki Media and Social Mobile showcases not only the versatility of Tim's skills but also the seamless integration of cutting-edge tools such as Blender and Adobe Creative Suite. The end result? A collection of stunning wallpapers and a captivating start-up animation that seamlessly aligns with the essence of the Rhino phone brand.

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