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Character Animation

Character animation can be a great way to present your story to your audience. 


Homepride was gearing up for a significant shift – transitioning their flour packaging from boxes to bags for retail. To herald this change and highlight the perks of the new packaging, Homepride identified an animated video starring their beloved mascot, Fred would be a perfect fit. Julia, Brand Manager at Homepride, drafted a script and passed it over to Tim at Tiki Media. Tim, brimming with creativity, responded with a storyboard, vividly outlining his vision for narrating the tale.

Once the storyboard received the green light, Tim swiftly enlisted a voice-over artist perfectly suited for the job. With careful attention to detail, Tim shot all the scenes in his studio and crafted each required mouth movement for the animation. Finally, he expertly pieced everything together, weaving it into an engaging announcement video that would captivate Homepride's audience.

You can read what Julia said about working with me here.

South Gloucester Council

In this example, South Gloucestershire Council and their stakeholders wanted to create a road safety video. They contacted Tim at Tiki Media to talk about an animated explainer video. Following an initial chat, Tim came up with a concept to tell the story from the child's perspective. This would remove any feeling of the parents being told what to do by the council. This was taken a step further by illustrating a character who would narrate the video. The result is an approachable and relatable tone that supports the key messages. 

You can see Stuart (the client for this project) talking about what it's like to work with me here. 

Watch the video below and if you would like to know more, about how Tim at Tiki Media can help with you next project, phone, email or fill in the contact form.

Ready to add animated characters to your next video?

Tim at Tiki Media is always happy to talk about animation. Either by contact form, email, phone call or live chat. 

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