What is it like working with Tim at Tiki Media?

Customer testimonials are the best way that I know to give you an idea of what it is like to work with me. So check out what my clients say about me in their own words below.

Isabella - SeedLegals

I worked with Isabella to edit their video podcasts. You can see one here:  https://seedlegals.com/resources/agecurve-a-longevity-investment-story-during-the-time-of-a-pandemic/

Here's what Isabella said about working with me:

Esme - LifeSkills

I worked with Esme to create a virtual visit to Life Skills to be shared with schools. I can't share the video because it is behind a paywall, but I can share the video testimonial that Esme sent to me. 


Here's what Esme said about working with me:

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