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What is it like working with Tim at Tiki Media?

Customer testimonials are the best way that I know to give you an idea of what it is like to work with me. So check out what my clients say about me in their own words below.

Julia - Brand Manager, Homepride

I worked with Julia to animate the well-known Homepride mascot, Fred. We discussed the requirements and script and I put together a storyboard. Once that was signed off I shot all of the scenes in my studio, drew all the required mouths for the animation, hired and instructed a voice-over actor and put it all together.

Julia had this to say about working with me: 

"Tim took the time to get to know our brand and requirements. He provided examples of previous work he had done, which helped us determine the style we liked. He kept in regular contact with me and shared visual updates as the project progressed."

Stuart - South Gloucestershire Council

I worked with Stuart and his team to create an animated explainer video. The brief was to create a short video that would promote a shift towards walking and riding to school instead of taking the car. It must appeal to children and their parents and be engaging. We had a few Zoom calls to workshop ideas. In response, I came up with the concept of telling the story from a child's point of view. The team liked the idea so I set to work. This was a lovely project as I was able to do the illustration, scripting, animation and recording of the voice over. 

The finished video can be seen here:

Stuart very kindly offered a testimonial about working with me. You can watch it below. 

Isabella - SeedLegals

I worked with Isabella to edit their video podcasts. You can see one here:

Here's what Isabella said about working with me:

"I don't often do this, but a huge shout out to Tim Shapcott. If you need a video editor who will patiently help you through your sporadic sprints to get projects across the line - he is your man. 16 interviews and he edited and endured my 1am emails for every single one..."

Esme - LifeSkills

I worked with Esme to create a virtual visit to Life Skills to be shared with schools. I can't share the video because it is behind a paywall, but I can share the video testimonial that Esme sent to me. 


Here's what Esme said about working with me:

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