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Face to face conversations is the original and most natural way for humans to interact. Video is an amazing second best. It has everything that you need to understand context and intent. The emotion and personality. Better still, it reaches across time and place. 

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Video interviews can be via a Zoom call or in person. Zoom calls can be captured and styled with editing to feature your branding and feel less like a video call. In-person interviews can be captured in-the-moment at events, or in a controlled atmosphere, such as your office, with a lighting set up as needed. It all depends on your subject, target outcome, and budget.

An interview with Silent Hobo for Gloucester Cricket Club

A short video featuring Silent Hobo, shot and edited by Tim. This video gave Gloucester Cricket Club visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the new murals by Silent Hobo. Creating a connection between the artist and the visiting public.

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