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About Tim at Tiki Media

What is Tiki Media?

Creating video and photographic content for brands, Tiki Media is based in Portishead, near Bristol. Tiki Media is mostly Tim, with specialist support from some expert friends where needed.

By working with Tim at Tiki Media, you are not just working with another agency. Most projects are planned by, shot by, and edited by Tim. It is more like having a super creative person in your team. 


What does Tiki Media do?

Attention-grabbing content for social media is at the core of the work produced at Tiki Media. Instagram posts that inspire a desire, YouTube videos that build brands, and Facebook content that opens a conversation.

What does this include?

Product Explainer Videos

The first interaction that your prospects have with your product or service is likely to be online. If you can create desire and inform your prospects with a video you are already well on your way to making a sale. Let Tim explain more here >> Product Explainer Videos 

Interview Videos
Explaining ideas face to face is the way humans have always communicated. The second-best is through video. Capture personality and ideas in short videos that inspire trust, understanding, and educate the viewer. Find out more here >> Interview Video Production 

Event Videos
Your investment in running or attending an event to promote your business can stretch further. Capture your event, exhibition stand, presentations, and key learnings in videos. Share them on your website, social media channels, and email newsletters. Find out more here >> Event Videos

Product Animations
Capture attention on your social media channels with product animations. These are perfect for Instagram stories and posts, Facebook adverts, LinkedIn, and even to brighten up your Twitter feed. Check out some examples and find out more here >>

Case Study Production

Traditional case studies begin with an interview and written article. Then the marketing team may begin to look for images and later it is decided that a video would be helpful. At Tiki Media, we flip that on its head to save our clients money and time. The initial interview is captured on video and we shoot a set of photographs. The video can be sent to inform the written article, the video can be edited to a long-form video plus social edits. The photos can be used to support the written article and for social media posts. You can even have the audio edited to form a podcast. Video first case studies are the future for every budget-conscious, ROI focused brand. Find out more here >> Case Study Production

Product Photography

It is likely that when your prospects and customers first see your product or service it will be online. Through your website, social media, or paid adverts. Why risk a poor first impression when professional product photography can be affordable and efficient? Find our more here >> Product Photography

Corporate Portraits

"Easy going", "fun" and "a lot less scary than we expected" are how clients describe working with Tim when having photographs taken of their teams. Few people like having their photograph taken and we know how to get past that and create images that reflect the personality of your brand. Editorial lifestyle or headshots, find out more here >> Corporate Portraits

No obligations, let's chat. Whether you prefer to use a contact form, email, phone call or hit the live chat. What ever you like. 


Let's chat about your ideas for videos to support your brand.

Ready to talk about your next project?

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