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Event Videos

Unlock the full potential of your event investments, whether you're organising or participating. By expertly capturing your events, exhibition stands, and informative seminars on video, you can amplify their impact and engage with a broader audience, including those who couldn't make it in person. Our event videos are a versatile asset, ready to be shared across multiple platforms, from your website to prominent social channels like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and even through your email newsletters. Harness the power of video to expand your reach and make every event count.

Event Video

Tim from Tiki Media is a familiar face at a variety of events, from capturing the vibrant scenes at Upfest to covering prominent trade shows like BETT and WorldSkills, not to mention the annual EcoStardust summer party. Our event videos serve as a virtual gateway, ensuring that the essence and excitement of these occasions are accessible to everyone who couldn't be there in person. Check out a few examples below:

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