Product Explainer Videos

What is an explainer video?

Product explainer videos make it fast and easy for your prospects to understand your products. Explainer videos are perfect for physical products but they are also amazing for software and services. Bringing tangible value to non-physical products.

Here's a recent animated explainer video

Combining animation and video

Top down product explainer videos have become popular as they are accessible and feel like you are being shown the product on a table top in front of you. Your products are brought to life by combining animated titles and graphics with video.

What's Included?

Explainer videos can include the following. Not all items have to be included if not required.

Optional items are highlighted with a *.

  • Planning meeting to understand the product, your customer and the story that you want to tell.

  • Storyboard to capture the product's key points and the structure of the video.

  • Video production.

  • Animated titles and captions and graphics styled to fit with your brand guidelines.

  • Edit of video. Approx 60-90 seconds running time.

  • Background music use.

  • Voice over. Either recorded with you or your team, or supplied by by voice artist.*

  • Voice over scripting. If required for above. *

  • Social media short edits. *

Introduction to top down explainer videos

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