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Video Editing

Elevate your visual narrative with professional video editing. Transform raw footage into a compelling and coherent story. Let Tim at Tiki Media help you set the tone, trim away unnecessary segments, and captivate your audience's attention.

We edit video for lots of lovely clients including:


Editing Footage Into Compelling videos

Tim at Tiki specialises in editing three primary types of footage for our valued clients:

  • Professionally Shot Studio and On-Set Footage: For content filmed in controlled studio or on-set environments, we apply our editing expertise to elevate the visual quality and storytelling impact of your videos.

  • Low Fidelity: This category includes video call content (Zoom and Teams), remotely captured interviews, and video footage filmed using mobile phones. We enhance and refine these sources to ensure professional and engaging final products.

  • Repurposing and Versioning: Repurposing existing content and creating different versions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your message reaches your audience effectively.

Crafting Professional Videos

At Tiki Media, we turn your well-shot footage into engaging and compelling videos. We understand that many of our clients possess excellent raw materials but often struggle with the intricacies of video editing. That's where Tim, our expert editor, steps in to create content that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

What sets us apart is our ability to dive deep into your brand and product, ensuring that every edit enhances your story and message. Whether you've hired a content studio to capture your footage or your marketing team has invested in high-quality equipment, we're here to provide the creative editing expertise you need.


For instance, Tim excels at editing footage for clients who've engaged content studios for their video shoots but require an editor to craft multiple videos with precision and finesse. Additionally, we frequently assist large businesses that have the tools to shoot their content but recognize that editing demands a seasoned creative eye.

In today's age of accessible technology, filming a video has never been easier. However, the magic lies in the editing, and that's where we shine. Let us take your raw footage and transform it into video content that not only works but excels in achieving your business goals.

Lo-fi Video That Delivers High Value

Amidst the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, a significant and beneficial transformation occurred - the widespread adoption of Zoom and Teams for online meetings and events. This transition hasn't just been a temporary fix; it has become a cornerstone of efficient remote work and collaboration across borders. The power of video calls has revolutionised the way we connect and engage.


But it's not just about virtual meetings. This digital shift has unlocked a world of creative possibilities. It has empowered individuals and businesses to easily capture video content in the form of podcasts, remote interviews, or expert insights. While this content may not boast Hollywood-level production values, it offers something priceless: authenticity and accessibility.

At its core, this 'lo-fi' footage delivers trust and relatability. However, imagine what professional editing and styling can do to elevate it. Tim can turn raw, unpolished footage into a compelling brand asset.

Through audio and image correction, skilful structuring, precise pacing, and the addition of captivating motion graphics, we can transform your content into something truly remarkable. It's not about erasing the authenticity; it's about enhancing it, making it more appealing, and taking your brand to new heights.

Unlock the Potential of Your Existing Video Content

Your existing video content is a treasure trove waiting to be reimagined. That's where our reversioning services come in, allowing us to breathe new life into your footage and align it with your evolving goals.

Here's how we can transform your content:

Tailored Edits: Perhaps you need to trim your ad down to a concise 30 seconds, or maybe you want to completely revamp the sequence to boost its performance. We have the expertise to reshape your video according to your specific objectives.

Promotion and Updates: Got a new sale or a groundbreaking announcement? We can seamlessly integrate these updates into your video to help you get the word out effectively.


Global Accessibility: Breaking into international markets? We can add subtitles to your video, making it accessible to audiences in different countries and languages.


Let us illustrate our capabilities with a few real-world examples:

Brand Refresh: We recently worked with a client to re-edit over one hundred videos, aligning them with their updated branding. This ensured a consistent and contemporary representation across their entire video portfolio.

Enhanced Focus: In another instance, we took an existing building tour video and condensed it to emphasize the latest security protocols. We also removed outdated employee profiles to keep the content current and relevant.

Tim doesn't just edit videos; he breathes new life into them. Let's collaborate to make your existing video content work harder and smarter for you.

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