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Bristol Content Studio Animated Fred

Earlier this year, Homepride collaborated with Tim from Tiki Media, a content studio based in Bristol, to produce an animated video featuring their iconic mascot, Fred. The purpose was to announce a change in their packaging while maintaining a friendly and engaging tone, aimed at their social media audience.

Tim, the creative mind behind Tiki Media, proposed animating Fred's mouth to synchronise with a script delivered by a professional voice-over artist. He also suggested adding subtle details like eye blinks and other movements to inject personality into the character, ensuring the videos would be enjoyable to watch.

Homepride provided Tim with Fred figurines and a script, and Tim got to work. His first task was to develop a storyboard to visualise his ideas, accompanied by sample images to convey the desired style. After receiving approval from the Homepride branding team, Tim proceeded with production.

Setting up a kitchen-style set in his Bristol studio, Tim used white marble boards and strategic lighting to achieve a fresh, even look for the shoot. He captured the necessary scenes for the animation before transferring the files to his computer, where he expertly combined the voice-over with mouth and eye animations.

Upon its launch, the video received a highly positive response, much to the delight of the Homepride team. Here's the video:

If your brand is in need of captivating animated, video, or photographic content, consider reaching out to Tim at Tiki Media.

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