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Engineering Product Photography in Bristol

In a collaboration between Third Dimension and Tim from Tiki Media, a mission to capture the essence of their innovation unfolded in Bristol. When Third Dimension found themselves in need of compelling product photography for their latest handheld non-contact, laser profile measurement system, they turned to Tim's expertise to bring their vision to life.

Recognising the unique challenges posed by the situation, where the scanner couldn't leave the premises, Tim orchestrated a mobile studio setup, offering specialised engineering product photography services directly at Third Dimension's Bristol offices. Armed with professional-grade studio lighting and accompanying equipment, Tim ensured that the intricacies of the handheld laser scanner could be expertly documented without compromise.

Tim's engagement extended beyond mere product photography; he seamlessly integrated with both the marketing and engineering teams. This collaborative effort aimed not only to showcase the handheld laser scanner for marketing purposes but also to capture it in action, ensuring accuracy and authenticity in engineering product photography. Recognising the paramount importance of building customer trust, the focus was on presenting the product in its natural environment, being used as intended.

The result was a collection of images that not only showcased the sleek design and advanced features of the handheld laser measurement device but also depicted its real-world application. Tim's attention to detail and dedication to authenticity shone through in every frame, conveying not just the product's physical attributes but also its practical utility. In the realm of cutting-edge technology in Bristol, trust is paramount, and Third Dimension, with the assistance of Tim and Tiki Media, successfully bridged the gap between showcasing innovation and establishing credibility through specialised engineering product photography. This collaboration not only produced stunning visuals for marketing collateral but also laid the foundation for customer confidence in the capabilities of the handheld laser scanner.

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