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Product Photography In Bristol

I have been a product photographer in Bristol for a number of years but rarely write about my work. A lot of the items that clients send to me to photograph in my product photography studio are cosmetics, food and gifts. The images are for their e-commerce and social media posts. I photograph both clean white backgrounds and lifestyle images for clients at a rate that is friendly to their budgets.

Creative product photography and composite editing by Tiki Media UK

Working with me for your product photography is easy and fast. We start with a phone call or in-person meeting to talk about your products, branding and ideal outcome. Then the products are sent to me at my studio. If your products have packaging that is not always perfect after shipping or labels that are not always perfectly lined up I ask that clients send me spares. Every little helps in making product photos that make your customers want to buy from you.

Some clients like to send me a mood board of sample images that they have collected and let me create images that follow the same look and feel. Some like to send me exact briefs and concept drawings to guide the images. Either way, I am happy to work with whatever system you prefer.

Cosmetics product photography by Tiki Media Bristol UK

Once I have photographed your products I gather the best images and we select which ones will get full post-production. For e-commerce, I can supply images retouched and cut out or on a white background. For lifestyle, I can apply styling to create a mood that fits your brand.

Your images are delivered via the cloud at a size to suit your purpose. I don't charge licensing and there is no limit on how often or for how long you may use your images.

Costmetics lifestyle photography UK by Tiki Media

If your products are required to be returned I can package them and ship them back to you. Most of my clients choose to leave products with me for further photoshoots or video productions in later weeks.

If you would like to talk about how I can make your product photography for e-commerce and social media fast, affordable and easy let me know. Either fill in the contact form or call/whatsapp/email me on: 07921065939 or

Lifestyle product photography by Tiki Media Bristol UK

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