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Case Study Production

Case studies are at the core of B2B sales. Proving experience, and building trust.

Traditionally case study production was copy first. Key points collected and compiled to a report to be printed and handed out to prospects. Recently demand has grown to tell these stories through video with client interviews and audio as podcasts. However, this involves an over lap of effort and unnecessary cost. What if you started with the video?  

Video First Case Studies

"Video First" case studies save time and money by capturing the initial client interview on video. From there the traditional written report can be composed along with an audio version for podcasts, images to support the print version and further repuropsing with short clips for social media and to support key points on your website. We can even create an infographic to display the key information and outcomes as a graphic.

Case study packages can include the following. Not all items have to be included if not required, or if budgets won't allow. Optional items are highlighted with a *.

  • Planning meeting to understand product, your customer and the story that you want to tell.

  • Storyboard to show captured key points and how they will be structured.

  • Customer interview video(s).

  • Photography at customer site. *

  • Edit of interviews to final long form video. Approx 3 mins running time.

  • Background music.

  • Written case study.

  • Capture and edit of audio for podcast use. *

  • Social media short edits. *

  • Infographic display of key details from the case study. *

What's Included?

Example Case Study Video

Ready to capture your next case study?

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