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A blast through some of my projects from the past few months.

Recent videos for clients

Product Explanation Video

I was asked to create a series of product application videos to support a major engineering brand’s eCommerce for consumable parts. Each video was kept short and to the point while incorporating cinematic angles and shallow focus to keep the videos interesting to watch.

The Official, Unofficial, Upfest 2017 Video

Upfest, the street art and graffiti festival in Bristol didn’t have a budget for an event film this year. However, when they saw my personal project that covered the event they were excited and asked if they could use it. A week later, the video crossed 30,000 views with world wide reach.

Branded Instructional Video

An international self catering hotel brand asked me to capture one of their local fitness partners at an in-house event. Mike, the personal trainer was attending to talk about his services and to cover how he could help regular guests with their fitness. He also cooked them an example, achievable meal to show how functional the kitchens in the apartments are. While Mike cooked I filmed and we made this video.

Conference Video

With the annual conference approaching, this client wanted to give every employee the chance to thank their colleagues publicly. I toured their locations throughout the UK and captured team members at all levels, from the cleaners to the CEO answering the question, “who would you like to thank”. The footage collected was cut together to be shown at the event as an introduction to an awards presentation.

Lifestyle Product Video

Selling large ride on toys is a competitive business, so I was asked to create a lifestyle themed video of a new product. This separates the seller from the rest of the market who rely on basic still images. This video quickly gained an impressive view count.

Unboxing and Build To Support Above Product In Ecommerce

In a move to further separate their brand from the competition we produced a video to show how the ride on car arrives in the box and how it goes together. This simple concept collected a surprising number of views and had fantastic feedback.

Homepage Promotional Video

With such an innovative product, this client required a fast way to convey their product in use to new visitors to their website.

This video takes the viewer from unboxing, to installation and through the available product range.

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