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Editorial Photography at Portishead Brewery

Portishead Brewery enlisted the services of Tim from Tiki Media for a photo shoot, aiming to highlight the dedicated team in action during the production of their latest beer batch. The objective was to obtain fresh imagery suitable for both social media platforms and the brewery's website, showcasing not only the skilled microbrewery team but also their delectable pizzas and satisfied customers.

Tim devoted an hour to immersing himself in the brewing process, skillfully documenting each step as the team meticulously crafted their newest beer creation. Following this, he shifted focus to the kitchen, adeptly capturing the artistry involved in the pizza-making process.

Finally, he ventured to the front of the house to discreetly capture candid moments of lunchtime patrons savouring their brewery experience.

If you're in search of captivating team photos, don't hesitate to reach out to Tim. His expertise in capturing the essence of your operation ensures a visual narrative that resonates across various platforms.

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